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Immigration is an exciting opportunity never to be missed out. Reasons could be many such as acquiring a higher professional degree, or to settle down permanently and work or perhaps just to go on a short trip, but the word “overseas travel” simply excites everyone. World- over citizens of various countries are moving on and settling and working in other countries apart from their own for better financial prospects and professional challenges.

Immigration to countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, UK, and Hong Kong among many others is much sought after and many settlers try hard for permanent residency which is not all that easy to get. Even the process for citizenship is a tedious one and one has to adhere to several visa requirements. In many countries, such as USA, those keen on working and bettering their lives opt for the Green Card which allows them to take up work. Also if one is able to gain access to PR, one can work with ease, without having to worry about being an alien.

Immigration is not all that easy. Certain procedures are to be followed to be able to immigrate. One must familiarize oneself with all the necessary procedures pertaining to visa process. Immigration authorities of respective countries have laid down certain requirements to attain a visa. One must have all the necessary documentation to process the visa.
Our Immigration Advisors have all the answers to your queries and their expert guidance will quicken your immigration process.

Evaluation Services

Immigration to another alien country requires immigration evaluation of potential visa candidate. Visa assessment is also essential to see the suitability of the visa applied for, whether it is the appropriate visa or not and whether all the necessary documentation has been done. It is essential that the applicant adheres to immigrant rules laid down by the country that he or she is migrating to. Necessary information has to be acquired to get familiarized with visa process.

Our Immigration Advisors know all the immigration rules and regulations of each respective country and will guide the visa applicant well in ensuring they get the required Visa successfully at the earliest. Eligibility criteria are also assessed via the Immigration Points Calculator in which our Advisors are well versed.
We bridge the gap between you and your dreams with few easy steps you can receive your Visa Permit:

  • Consultation Meeting : An Immigration Consultant will offer you a proper counselling session. We will help you make better decisions and after your decision is made, all you need to do is sit back and our proactive team will take care of all the complexities of your case in order to merge the right application to the relevant visa.
  • Pre-Assessment : Our immigration advisors examines every single data and facts regarding your immigration process. We not only judge your level of acceptance to the other country, we also help you improve it in every manner. A set of information is desired like your age, educational qualifications, financial standings, experiences, and other such basic content.
  • Test preparation Guidance : Standardised tests are devised especially to evaluate students and compare their aptitude in a consistent manner. Our Education Counsellor review any standardised test scores (GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL) that you have already taken, which might help you with your admission. They will also guide you regarding the scores that universities will be looking for and the scores that you should be aiming for in order to target particular institutions.
  • Registration : Once we know that your case is eligible for the visa for particular country(s) you applied and you have your every query resolved, you get registered with us as our respected client.

Visa Services

Our Visa Services includes the following.

  • Assignment of Case Manager : An Expert Case Manager is assigned to your Case for further Process and case handling till your case get successfully to the authorities. He/she will take care of your case and Ensure that all documents submitted on behalf of a client are valid.
  • Documentation : Every single document we received from clients are reviewed with a careful observation. We provide you with proper assistance which can help in improving your profile. Stage wise your every document are arranged and prepared for Case Filing.
  • Filing case : Assigned case manager will further file your Case to the Government Authorities. It can be a Paper Application or an Online Application. We make sure that your case gets into the right place. On a regular basis your filed case is tracked for its success rate.
  • Visa-Interview Preparation : Our Case Manager are aware of the type of questions different Embassies/High-Commission ask prospective immigrants at the interviews. To help prepare for any interviews that may be required, we provide you with a number of interview preparatory sessions. The interview preparation sessions are conducted by professionals who have vast experience in interview techniques and are well versed with the nature and scope of questions that Embassies/High-Commission usually ask prospective immigrants.

Value Added Services:

Our Visa Services includes the following.

  • Pre-relocation help : We help you and your family understands every needful thing about your new world before leaving. Helping you realize your hopes and aspirations through our extensive knowledge of world cultures and professionally managed offices around the world.
  • Post-landing support : It is not that we are with you as long as you can see us. Our group is always there for your any kind of problem and doubts even after your relocation. You can contact us anytime you need to know anything. Just feel free to talk.
  • Forex Services : We provide Foreign Exchange solutions through our network base that offers the most competitive exchange rates. Clients are advised on the various options available to them for their foreign exchange requirements. We encourage you to seek further information about our partner vendors from our qualified Advisors.
  • Travel & Medical Insurance :

    All countries have specific regulations with regard to travel and medical insurance to which attention must be paid. For insurance services please contact our advisors for further information. Our consolidated relationship with both public and a range of private health service providers allows us to do all the detailed work for you, hassle free.

  • Accommodation :

    We have an extensive network that must be utilized to provide information about accommodation and can facilitate contact with the desired vendors. Across the globe, we have a range of partners providing excellent housing facilities and services to take care of client’s needs in the most accommodating fashion possible.

  • Travel Arrangements :

    We assist clients in their travel arrangements at the best available discounts. We have strategic tie-ups with many travel consultants to offer our best possible rates. Our advisors will identify the most appropriate and cost effective travel itinerary for each student.

    We have a well-coordinated travel desk which will provide you the following services:
    • New Passport Request
    • Renewal of Old Passport
    • Cut-price Air Tickets
    • Foreign Exchange
    • Seat Preference
    • Meal Preference

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